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ArubaOS-Switch 16.07 released



The latest release of ArubaOS-Switch, 16.07, has been posted to the HPE Support site for all current switch models (5400R, 3810, 2930M, 2930F, 2540, and 2530). This release includes the following new feature:


  • Aruba Central onboarding through the switch Web GUI

Use the HPE Support Lookup tool to find your switch model and download the new release.

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Re: ArubaOS-Switch 16.07 released



Attached is the feature guide for Aruba Central onboarding through the switch Web GUI.  The purpose of the attached feature guide is to assist the network administrators to easily identify and troubleshoot issues with registration of Aruba Devices with Aruba Central Management Solution.


Thank You,

Priyank Patel
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Re: ArubaOS-Switch 16.07 released



Looking at the "Current Releases" of software for the 3810M switches, I see:


KB.16.07.0002, posted 27-Sep-2018


KB.16.06.0008, posted 21-Sep-2018


KB.16.05.0011, posted 21-Sep-2018


KB.16.04.0017, posted 08-Sep-2018


KB.16.03.0007, posted 04-Jan-2018


How would you recommend that customers like myself determine which version of software to run? For their customers, Cisco identifies a "recommended" version based on stability.


I look forward to your thoughts.

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Re: ArubaOS-Switch 16.07 released

All listed Software branches (16.07, 16.06, 16.05, 16.04 and 16.03) related to a given platform (KB), if/once published, can be considered stable (I mean: those branches software build passed Aruba's internal GA quality tests)...so it's a matter to understand (here Software Feature Matrix will help you to decide) which features you need and what software branch is the one that support that requested feature.


Example: I need DHCP Server Option 60 (and 150)...I've an Aruba 5400R zl2 at KB.16.05.0007...checking the Software Matrix Feature Support...I discover that feature was introduced on KB.16.06 software branch (exactly since KB.16.06.0006 initial build), I need to update my switch accordingly instead of updating it within the KB.16.05 (which should be good to...if I didn't need said feature).

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