Wired Intelligent Edge (Campus Switching and Routing)

ArubaOS-Switch – How to Enable Debugging for User-Based Tunneled Node Messages


Aruba 2930F Switch running firmware version WC.16.10.0003


In the following example, debugging is enabled for user-based tunneled node messages with the destination set to buffer. Interface 18 is disabled and enable to log the message exchange.



Core-Switch# debug destination buffer
Core-Switch# debug usertn
Core-Switch# show debug

 Debug Logging

  Source IP Selection: Outgoing Interface
  Origin identifier: Outgoing Interface IP
   Memory buffer

  Time-stamp: System-Uptime

  Enabled debug types:


Core-Switch(config)# interface 18 enable
Core-Switch(config)# interface 18 disable


Core-Switch# show debug buffer

0001:18:21:04.15 TNT mtnodeUserCtrl:Bucket 172 initialized
0001:18:21:04.15 TNT mtnodeUserCtrl: uac->uitgReserve ZERO reserve 1
0001:18:21:04.15 TNT mtnodeUserCtrl:Entering userTNodeTCAMDecapReserveResources
0001:18:21:04.15 TNT mtnodeUserCtrl:User 000c29-21e66b added to tree
0001:18:21:04.15 TNT mtnodeUserCtrl:UAC Bootstrap to node:
0001:18:21:04.15 TNT mtnodeUserCtrl:userTNodeSendUACBStrapReq: Packet Sent Successfully
0001:18:21:04.15 TNT mtnodeUserCtrl:User 000c29-21e66b bootstrapping
0001:18:21:04.16 TNT mtnodeUserCtrl:create tunnel: port: 18 uac: ifindex: 0 count: 0
0001:18:21:04.46 TNT mtnodeUserCtrl:User 000c29-21e66b tunneling to 318767764

0001:18:22:37.68 TNT mtnodeUserCtrl:000c29-21e66b bootstrapped state - remove hw rules 0 -1
0001:18:22:37.68 TNT mtnodeUserCtrl:1. port 18 ifindex 318767764 count 1
0001:18:22:37.68 TNT mtnodeUserCtrl:2. port 18 ifindex 318767764 count 0
0001:18:22:37.68 TNT mtnodeUserCtrl:Deleting tunnel for ifindex 318767764
0001:18:22:37.68 TNT mtnodeUserCtrl: uac->uitgReserve ZERO reserve 0
0001:18:22:37.68 TNT mtnodeUserCtrl:Entering userTNodeTCAMDecapReserveResources
0001:18:22:37.68 TNT mtnodeUserCtrl:UAC unbootstrap for reason: 5 to node:
0001:18:22:37.68 TNT mtnodeUserCtrl:userTNodeSendUACUnBStrapReq: Packet Sent Successfully
0001:18:22:37.68 TNT mtnodeUserCtrl:User 000c29-21e66b unbootstrapping
0001:18:22:37.68 TNT mtnodeUserCtrl:User 000c29-21e66b unBootstraped - node removed
** Total debug messages = 19

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