ArubaOs-Switch : How To Enable Command Logging

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MVP Expert

Is there a way to enable "command logging" so I can keep track of the commands entered into the switch CLI?


You can enable command logging on the ArubaOS-Switch to keep track of commands entered at the CLI.

To enable this feature, enter the following command at the switch CLI config prompt:
   logging command
To view the logged commands, enter the following command:
   show logging command
Example Output after the "logging command" was configured:​
Aruba-3810M# show logging command
 Keys: W=Warning I=Information
 M=Major D=Debug E=Error
 ---- Command Log listing: Events Since Boot ----
 I 01/07/19 15:52:42 03440 system: User:'admin':The command:'logging command' is
 I 01/07/19 15:52:48 03440 system: User:'admin':The command:'interface 24
 disable' is executed.
 I 01/07/19 15:53:09 03440 system: User:'admin':The command:'interface 24' is
 I 01/07/19 15:53:12 03440 system: User:'admin':The command:'no
 power-over-ethernet' is executed.
 I 01/07/19 15:53:41 03440 system: User:'admin':The command:'enable' is executed.
 I 01/07/19 15:53:44 03440 system: User:'admin':The command:'power-over-ethernet'
 is executed. 

This example shows the CLI commands that were entered after the user "admin" enabled the "logging command" feature and then disabled port 24, disabled PoE on port 24, then re-enabled the port and PoE.


If you would like to receive Syslog notifications when any configuration changes are made, you can enter the following commands:
  logging facility syslog
  logging <ip-of-Syslog-server>
  logging notify running-config-change
This will send all config change notifications to the specified syslog server.
Note:   The "logging notify running-config-change" only tells you that the config was changed and not how.  Use "show logging command" to view logged command output.

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Please consider a similar "syslog setup" article for AOS-CX. Even better if you include DEBUG config options.
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