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What is Auto device Config on MAS and how to configure it?





This article is applicable from 7.4.0 and above 




Auto Device detection and Configuration dynamically configure ports based on the type of device detected on the port.




When the MAS detects a new device on a port, it will apply appropriate configuration based on the predefined configuration for that device type. 




Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) is used to detect devices.










Enable  Auto device Config




(ArubaS1500-24P) (config) #device-group ap


(ArubaS1500-24P) (device-group access-point) #enable






Configure device-group based config 




show device-group-config <device-type>




(ArubaS1500-24P) #show device-group-config ap




device-group access-point (N/A)




Parameter                        Value


---------                        -----


Enable Device Config             false


Enable Auto LACP                 true


Interface MSTP Profile           mstpEdge


Interface GVRP Profile           N/A


Interface PVST Profile           PVSTEDGE


Interface LLDP Profile           device-group-default


Interface PoE Profile            device-group-default


Interface Ethernet Link Profile  default


Interface QoS Profile            N/A


Interface Policer Profile        N/A


Interface AAA Profile            mac-ics-dot1x


Interfaces To Shutdown           N/A


Interface MTU                    1514


Interface Ingress ACL            N/A


Interface Egress ACL             N/A


Interface Session ACL            N/A


Interface QoS Trust Mode         auto


Interface Switching Profile      access_vlan_30


Interface Security Profile       N/A


Interface Trusted Mode           Untrusted






The way device-group works is that, once an aruba ap is detected on an interface via lldp; configuration of the interface will be overwritten by what is specified in deivce-group, so lets say initially the interface-config was switch-profile xyz and pvst-profile abc however in device-group there is switching-profile u and pvst-profile w till a device is connected to the interface which is not an aruba ap, the interface config is valid on that once ap is detected, the interface config gets overwritten




Note: Currently supported only for Aruba AP/IAP that can send Aruba’s Proprietary LLDP TLV


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