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Automatically backup config to scp or tftp when “wr me”

In Cisco, I can automatically backup config using scp or tftp to other location every time I issue “wr me”
How to achieve the same in other brand?
path scp://root:eve@$h

Re: Automatically backup config to scp or tftp when “wr me”



Not sure if this is possible. Until now I didn't saw this. there are multiple ways in manually making backup's and upload them via SFTP / FTP in single commands. There is also option to restore these backups without reboot. In order to achieve similar process like your I see a lot of organizations enable the following snmp trap:

snmp-server enable traps startup-config-change


when the management system than receives this trap it automatically makes backup. Maybe this will also work for you.


Regard, Dobias

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