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Automation using Aruba REST API

If you were to deploy a number of ArubaOS-Switches, what would you like to automate to help in ease of deployment?

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Re: Automation using Aruba REST API

I have only now discovered the API and this Post, and want to add a few things I have not yet found to be working in the api v4. 


- configuring/showing IPv6 Addresses

- IPv6 acl

- router advertisement options

- configuring IPv6 addresses for services like syslog, radius/tacacs, ntp

- ipv6 static routes (for devices not supporting ospf/bgp)


These are things I need to automate when deploying a new Switch, especially if it is doing routing as well. 


My IPAM contains ~12500 prefixes, most of them added via automation. 


I had to do a full network renumbering in December 2017, and this API (with the features listed above) would have been extremely helpful. 


Kudos for adding the API even for existing Models (like 2620, 2920).


Re: Automation using Aruba REST API

First of all, thank you for the great feedback on the APi. I know it's maybe workaround solution but you can use the AnyCLI option via the API to use your workflows. 


Regards, Dobias

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Re: Automation using Aruba REST API

I've seen and tried that. When evaluating switch features for new purchases, however, a workaround does not cut it. 

The output form anycli has to be parsed using regular expressions (especially show ipv6 and show ipv6 route), which is formatted for showing to humans and not for being parsed by computers. This is not what you want if you have many (>100) prefixes on a single switch and need to do automated configuration. 

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