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Backplane stacking of JL321A and JL323A

We just received new switches to replace our older equipment and we're running into an issue right out of the box.  We purchase five Aruba 2930M switches (four JL321A and one JL323A).  Our vendor indicated they could all be stacked together, which seemed reasonable since they were in the same family and use the same stacking module.  However, now that we have them and have connected them with stack cables and powered everything on, the JL321A that came up as the master is only seeing the other three JL321A switches as stack members.  The JL323A has stacking enabled, but only sees itself when we run "show stacking".  More troubling is that we we run "stacking member 5 type JL323A ?", the options it replies with are "JL319A, JL321A, JL320A, JL322A".  


So, at this point, I'm forced to ask...can the JL323A be stacked with the JL321A?

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Re: Backplane stacking of JL321A and JL323A



What software versions are running on the different switch models?  All 2930M models should stack with each other, but if the JL321As are running software that was built before the JL323A was released (e.g., WC.16.04.0004), the part number may not be available in the stacking member command.


If you upgrade all of your switches to the latest release (at the time of this post, this would be WC.16.06.0006), you should have no issues with stacking these switches together.  If you're still having trouble, though, let us know and we'll investigate the issue.

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Re: Backplane stacking of JL321A and JL323A

Updating the JL321A stack did the trick.  They came with WC.16.04.0004.  We updated them to WC.16.06.0006 and the JL323A switch showed up as a stack member after rebooting.  Thanks for your help.

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