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Bandwidth Limitation per User Role

Hello All,


Can someone please let me know how I can change the bandwidth limitation per User Role on the MAS Switch?


(TYNPSWB2000) (config) #show right

Name                       ACL Bandwidth ACL List Type
----                               --- --------- -------- ----
CaptivePortal-User 41 Up: No Limit,Dn: No Limit Tyndale-CP/


So for example, if I didn't want to give the "CaptivePortal-User" unlimited bandwidth, how can I go about this?


Tried revewing the MAS User Guide and I couldn't find anything.


Any help will be appreciated.





Re: Bandwidth Limitation per User Role

Given the hardware based forwarding architecture of the Mobility Access Switch. You cannot apply bandwith limits in the same way as you would on the Mobility Controllers (software based forwarding). However you can apply a policer-profile to the user-role to limit their upload speed. You just add "policer-profile <policer-name> per-user" if you want each user to have a unique policer or leave off "per-user" if you want it per role.


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Re: Bandwidth Limitation per User Role

Does this also apply to Download speed as well? I see you mentioned only Upload.


Re: Bandwidth Limitation per User Role

Policers are only appied on ingress not egress hence they affect upload versus download. You could potentially put a policer on the uplink assuming they could be identified (e.g. IP range) but it would police the aggregate of the guests not per guest.

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