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Bridge Mode for Campus AP

Dear Experts, 


I need to configure Campus AP (CPSec enabled) for bridge mode. I want to do 802.1x authentication with CPPM, Controller is VMC.


I think it should be done simply, i tried configuring bridge mode in SSID but it doesnt broadcast the SSID then. 


Can someone highlight the process i need to follow to get it working?

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Re: Bridge Mode for Campus AP

Changing the Forwarding Mode will momentarily restart the radio on various AP models (according to the User Guide for 8.3.0.x - 

200 Series, AP-205H, 210 Series, 220 Series, 270 Series and 320 Series access points).


"When the radio restarts, wireless services will be briefly interrupted. Clients will automatically reconnect to the network when the radio is again up and running."


Re: Bridge Mode for Campus AP

ArubaOS 8.3.0.x User Guide states within the Remote Access Points section that "ArubaOS does not support Wired 802.1X authentication in bridge mode for a s. 802.1X authentication is supported only in tunnel and split modes."


It then specifies this under the Understanding Bridge section on page 724.


Re: Bridge Mode for Campus AP

Best is to study the User Guide. There is a chapter called "Behavior and Defaults" where all limitations in the dedicated forwarding modes are descripted.

Most of them affect Voice over Wireless or Application handling.

Remote Access Point is another operating mode. I guess the original demand is to bridge Client Traffic to the switchport of the AP. Here is 802.1X with ClearPass full supported.


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Re: Bridge Mode for Campus AP

Maybe if you implement 802.1x on your switch where the AP is plugged into. In bridge mode the client is connected directly to the switch where the AP is connected the AP is acting as a bridge. 


The problem is the controller is the authenticator for Radius works for Tunnel mode controlling the client in the controller. I was thinking if you make your switch where the AP is connected to also a radius authenticator it might work.  You would also need to work out how to authenticate the AP as well because it's usually port based. 

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