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Campus VXLAN and EVPN Resilient Gateway Design

I'm investigating using VXLAN with EVPN in the campus to provide network segmentation, and not quite figured out the resilient gateway options, and I am new to VXLAN and EVPN with OS-CX.


The campus is a 3 tier design with 8325 VSX Pair at the distribution layer and 8400 single Cores, and dual active/active firewall within separate DCs as the Egress/Access point to the campus. Currently using a number of VRFs but what to provide support for VXLAN for tunnelling to different sites and different technology silos (Cloud, DC etc). Its a full BGP network to the distribution layer. 

I understand 

 - 8325 Supports VXLAN and EVPN

 - 8400 Supports VXLAN

 - OS-CX 10.5 adds Distributed Layer 3 gateways.


I am not clear on how to build a resilient handoff from the VXLAN tunnels to the firewall, the gateway would need to be present on both gateways/border leafs within each DC, having tried in the LAB, its the hand-off I cant master. 


My current thinking is these border leafs would act as the route-reflectors for the EVPN, and with each pod of leaf switches having EVPN peerings.


I understand L3 Distributed Gateways allows in or local rack routing for more optimal traffic paths, which is different from what am I looking for?


I have a Lab which I proved L2 EVPN connectivity, just not figured out the dual-site EVPN handoff to the firewall. 


Has anybody built or can help point me in the different of examples?






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Re: Campus VXLAN and EVPN Resilient Gateway Design

Could you please fist go to these resources:



And you will find a lot that will answer part of your question.

Then please go back to the thread for updated questions you may have.


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