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Can I disable EEE on Aruba 3810M switches?

I'm looking through the "HPE ArubaOS-Switch Management and Configuration Guide K/KA/KB.16.02 ", and I can't find any reference to this.


Switch is JL074A.


-Is this the correct guide for a new switch purchased this month?


-Can I disable the EEE? I need to do this for my Dante network.


Re: Can I disable EEE on Aruba 3810M switches?

EEE is off by default, to disable, you'd do so from the interface context like so:


UBT-Demo(config)# int 1/3
UBT-Demo(eth-1/3)# no energy-efficient-ethernet


The latest manuals are software are found on the aruba support portal - asp.arubanetworks.com.  


The EEE section is found in the Basic Operation Guide:


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