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Core switch reccomendation


I'm replacing our current network infrastructure and am in doubt about which switches to choose:
- 2x 3810M (for redundancy)
- or: 2x 6300M
- or 2x 5406R
These core switches will have uplinks for all other locations in the building(s):
- 2x 2930F 48PoE Stack (Floor 2)
- 2x 2930F 48PoE Stack (Floor 1)
- 1x 2930F 48PoE Stack (Floor 0)
- 2x 3810M 48PoE Stack (Floor -1) via FC or Stacking with the other 3810M
+ 6x other Switches from Alcatel with 48 PoE

All switches/stacks will have redundant 10Gb connections.

My dilema is wether the 3810M will be enough for all this in the long term (10+ years), or should i get better switches (5400/6300)? Or even some other even better switches?
We might also conect our 3 servers (vmware) servers to the 3810M via 10Gb FC...
This all looks a bit too heavy to me, connecting all these 10Gb FC uplinks to 3810M...
What do you guys think?
Anyone with the experience on these switches?



Bottom line: what do you recommend, and why?




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Re: Core switch reccomendation



Probably a pair of backplane stacked Aruba 3810M switches isn't able to provide the necessary number of SFP+ ports to sustain your network grow rate considering a 10 Years lifespan (maybe actually a pair can but in the long term you could end up by rapidly depleting precious SFP+ switches ports).

A pair of 6 or 12 slots Aruba 5400R zl2 switch chassis (with v3 zl2 Modules only and operating in V3 Only Mode) deployed as a single VSF stack (frontplane stacking), once properly equipped, would sustain better your potential network grow and will let you to operate maintenance like (not exactly but like) a VSX...so with minimal disruption (sequenced VSF software update...typically not possible when using backplane stacked Aruba 3810M or 2930M).


So first go to (Aruba 5400R zl2) VSF or VSX then you can consider which platform (older versus newer) fits your bill (and requirements).


Consider that Aruba proposed these migration paths:


  • Aruba 2930M/3810M -> Aruba CX 6300M
  • Aruba 5400R zl2 -> Aruba CX 6400

so...more than Aruba CX 6300M (which supports VSF)...you should eventually consider the more expandable/powerful (and expensive) Aruba CX 6400 which supports VSX.


Note that Aruba CX 6300M and 6400 use ArubaOS-CX as operating system...so you have to consider a learning curve if your skills are mainly ArubaOS-Switch (HP ProVision of ProCurve) related.

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Re: Core switch reccomendation

CX in the core will definitively provide you best experience (VSX Live Upgrade, API, NetEdit, NAE).

For low number of fibers/downlinks you may also consider: 8320/8325.


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