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DHCP IP helper on controller 7200

Hi , so here an intersting one.

The setup is quite simple. A bunch of 300 serie APs, one 7200 controller and 5412 as core switch.

Both the controller and the 5412 have an interface vlan on the same subnet than the APs.

The 5412 is running DHCP and it has been tested and works fine.

However, the APs don't get an address from the DHCP. If I plugg another device (for ex a laptop) on the very same port, I get an IP right away.

After lots of poking around, we found that if we enable IP Helper on the controller, the APs get an IP right away.

To me that makes no sense as the AP and the DHCP are on the same subnet ...also why the controller would have any impact on that.

This is the second time we have this issue on 2 different setup but both since we pushed


Any idea, comments ?


Thank you.

Re: DHCP IP helper on controller 7200

What are the APs physically connecting to? Ports on the 5412? Are you able to connect to the AP console and monitor what's going on when the AP is attempting DHCP?

Charlie Clemmer
Aruba Customer Engineering
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