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DSCP and CoS remarking on CX-OS

I am trying to convert our current QoS configuration to new CX switches and I can't find out what happens to CoS values when using DSCP.


What I want to do is trust the incoming dscp marking and use that for the queue processing, but I need to make sure the CoS value is set correctly when the packet leaves the switch because downstream devices use CoS and that may not be what came in or the default value for the aruba processing.


If I show the default dscp mapping, there is a cos column, but it contains no values, however the docs say itis possible to set a value there but doesn't explain why?


Is the idea of the dscp-map cos value so that when I map my dscp values to local priorities, it will also remark the packets with the new cos value (and if left blank it doesn't change it)?

David Rickard
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