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Debug ACL 's on Aruba 3810


How to debug ACL on the Aruba 3810 


I have an ACL and i want to debug the deny statement at the end and I am currently not getting any result.

If i use the command


show statistics aclv4 101 port trk1 


I get the hits,


but i was trying to get is log or screen outputs for the the packets allowed and denied.


i have used the following commands

debug acl

debug destination session



I dont get any output form the ACL's but i do see hits on the ACL's


Any ideas?


Re: Debug ACL 's on Aruba 3810



I think you can do the following:

- Indeed add log to permit/deny ACE entry

- Configure Syslog server and facility logging

- Enable 

     - debug destination logging

     - debug destination session

- debug acl


What will happen is details will be forwarded for first packet that hits log ACE entry. Than a wait timer starts for around 5 minutes and summary will be forwarded. This timer can also be configured with access-list logtimer <seconds between 30-300>.


Hope this will help you!


Regards, Dobias


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