Downloadable User Role Fails

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MVP Expert

Downloadable user role fails.


Enable the following debugs:

  switch# debug security port-access

  switch# debug security radius-server

  switch# debug destination session


In the debug logs you see:

  0014:05:33:26.66 1X   m8021xCtrlSmiley Tongueort 1/2: sent Failure #21 to 005056-83f64d.

  0014:05:33:26.74 1X   m8021xCtrlSmiley Tongueort 1/2: fail to start session for client 005056-83f64d due to over-limit or internal error.

  0014:05:33:26.88 RAD  tRadiusR:Removing RADIUS REQUEST id: 167 from queue.





Commands Used

-- debug security port-access

-- debug security radius-server

-- debug destination session


This was resolved by correcting the switch configuration

Originally the switch had:  aaa authorization user-role enable

This was replaced with:   aaa authorization user-role enable download

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