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End to end QoS

I am configuring QoS for a campus.


- Access switches are 3810-48

- Distribution switches are 3810-16-SFP+ or 5400

- Core switches are 8400


I configured DSCP/diffserv based QoS on 3810 and 5400 switches


qos type-of-service diff-services


and followed the default QoS configuration (8 quoues, default GUARANTEED MINIMUM BANDWIDTH and default DSCP-MAP).


my question is about end to end QoS between 3810, 5400 and 8400. 8400 doesnt have the concept of GUARANTEED MINIMUM BANDWIDTH but has wighted fair quouing (WFQ) instead with default weight of 1 for all 8 queus. 


What is the best approach I can follow on 8400 to be consistend with 3810 and 5400 GUARANTEED MINIMUM BANDWIDTH? 


Thank you



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Re: End to end QoS

If you wanted to guarantee specific traffic is always processed over other traffic you should use stict priority or strict priority plus WFQ. dscp map the traffic you established as guaranteed in your qos setups accross your network and have the 8400 trust dscp. Make sure your priorities are correctly mapped as well. 

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