Wired Intelligent Edge (Campus Switching and Routing)

Error: Failed To Enable STP In Part Of Vlans Due To Not Enough Hardware Resource


Switches configured with spanning tree mode PVST

Environment 1:

  • HPE 7510 Switch Chassis
  • Comware v5
  • Firmware before F6709L22

Environment 2:

  • HPE 7510 Switch Chassis
  • Comware v7
  • Firmware any



When configuring VLANS on the switch, following error is received:

>> Failed to enable stp in part of VLANS due to not enough hardware resource.


Environment 1:

Switch currently has 128 VLANS configured and when configuring more than 128 VLANS the error is seen


Environment 2:

Switch currently has 510 VLANS configured and when configuring more than 510 VLANS the error is seen



Environment 1:

>> Maximum number of PVST vlans below version F6709L22 is 128.  From this version onwards it is 180 vlans


Environemtn 2:

>> Maximum PVST vlans supported on the switch running any comaptible firmware is 510 vlans


This is a chipset limitation and is working as designed.

Note: More VLANS can be configured on the switch however PVST will not be enabled on those VLANS.


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