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Firmware K.16.02.0028

I downloaded this software and copied it to my switch and after instal it said version K.16.02.0026. Tried multiply times and on to swithes, but same result. Then I downloaded K.16.02.0027 and that worked. So I think the package is wrong.

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Re: Firmware K.16.02.0028

Where did you download those packages?


I just checked on both HPE MyNetworking Portal and Aruba Support Portal, and the files that I get do contain the correct build number.


These are the MD5 checksums that I get for the different versions:

MD5 (K_16_02_0026.swi) = 22fa6d2f17cb8c723b84a75e6e8a0413
MD5 (K_16_02_0027.swi) = adc2abeadb0aabbca8c9dc86e90cbf51
MD5 (K_16_02_0028.swi) = e8980217a91c4c70d399c3c50c9539c5

And sizes:

15740951 bytes K_16_02_0026.swi
15742071 bytes K_16_02_0027.swi
15742039 bytes K_16_02_0028.swi

Do you have the same?


If you do a 'show version' after you installed and booted the new firmware, what is the build-date and build number? Is it actually the new firmware running or an old version?

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Re: Firmware K.16.02.0028

Also...the good output of show flash command too would help to understand what happened.


Edit: supposing you copied the new K.16.02.0028 swi file - the software image - into Secondary Flash Memory area...to then boot it (and thus install that version) was then executed the boot system flash secondary command to impose the boot from that flash area? clearly...exchange secondary with primary if you installed the new software version into Primary Flash Memory area instead. 

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Re: Firmware K.16.02.0028

I had 16.01.0004 in primary and 16.02.0026 in secondary, but I have never booted on the secondary. I installed the 16.02.0028 i primary and then the show flash showed that 16.02.0026 was in both primary and secondary. But anyhow, now after instaling and boot on 16.02.0027 i can now install 16.02.0028 and see it with show flash  

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Re: Firmware K.16.02.0028

Mate, anyway, glad you found your way.

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