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Floating Route on L3 switch

I am trying to figure out how to configure multiple static routes to the same destination network for failover. Working with some other vendor switches, a Track is configured to probe a remote host on a regular interval, over the primary route. If the probe fails, the backup route becomes the active route. Once the probe succeeds again (primary route working), the primary route becomes the active route again.

I would appreciate if any Aruba expert can point me in the right direction or provide a sample config.

Re: Floating Route on L3 switch



Within the Comware based switches, you have the option to use the NQA feature to configure this. ArubaOS switches don't have a tracking feature like this. Normally I always configure this as follows:


In most situations, you need to talk to the firewall. The firewall supports OSPF routing. If you configure OSPF peering between ArubaOS switch and firewall you can then inject default route in OSPF. The firewall can track multiple internet destinations and remove default route announcement in OSPF when a link will be in certain status. You can even play with injecting cost on multiple firewalls to route all traffic via primary or something. 


Let me know if you find this useful. 


Regards, Dobias


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Re: Floating Route on L3 switch

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Thanks for the reply.
In my setup, failover is not for Internet access, but for site to site. No firewalls.

Primary route is to MPLS and secondary route to a 3G router which has VPN tunnels to 3G routers in remote sites. 

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