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Gigabit LX-LC Module Compatibility

We are planning to replace an old HP4204vl that host 8 fiber connection and using HP Procurve J4859C Gigabit LX-LC Mini module.


We've looked at 3810M 16SFP+ 2-slot Switch (JL075A) and Ive gone through datasheet and Im not sure whether the above module is compatible with this new model as I cant see any of my current modules in the Transcievers in the list of accessories?


We want to re-use the same gbic modules. Can some one confirm if my current gbic modules is compatible with the 3810M switch ?



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Re: Gigabit LX-LC Module Compatibility

By this is the details of the module and the trancsceivers currently used:


Status and Counters - Module Information

Slot Module Description Serial Number
----- ---------------------------------------- --------------
A ProCurve J8768A 24p Gig-T vl Module SG812AK0DU
B ProCurve J9033A Gig-T/SFP vl Module SG812AM0AR
C ProCurve J8776A VL mini-GBIC module SG943CV03Z
D ProCurve J8776A VL mini-GBIC module SG943CV050


Transceiver Technical Information:
Port # | Type | Prod # | Serial # | Part #
B21 | 1000LX | J4859C | PFJ1D8L | 1990-3656
B22 | 1000LX | J4859C | PC10APS | 1990-3656
C1 | 1000LX | J4859B | P8M2SVD |
C2 | 1000LX | J4859C | CN816EL0IX | 1990-3677
C3 | 1000LX | J4859B | P8S0RUY |
C4 | 1000LX | J4859B | P9P0EP2 |
D2 | 1000LX | J4859C | PC200AK | 1990-3656
D3 | 1000LX | J4859C | PD753TY | 1990-3656

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Re: Gigabit LX-LC Module Compatibility

Speaking about SFP Transceivers (the old nomenclature was Mini-GBIC Modules, the form factor is the same), reading the ArubaOS-Switch and ArubaOS-CX Transceiver Guide, yuo can note that there are few supporting statements (on the Overiew Chapter and on the Gigabit SFP Optical Transceiver Modules Chapter):


  • "In December 2017, Aruba introduced Revision D versions of 100M, 1G, and 10G products. Revision D products are structured to be specific alternative vendors as sources for the SKU#. Earlier Revision A, B, or C product may have alternative vendors that Aruba no longer actively ships, but remains as fully supported in specific switches. Some switch products will specify revision D transceivers for full support [*], while other products may support earlier (older) revision transceivers – and some with specific 4x4 part numbers."
  • "Where support for a Revision A, B, or C transceiver existed, Revision D parts are also supported.".

I'm pretty much sure older revisions will work (I'm using on a Aruba 2540 some original HP SFP SR LC Transceivers with SKU J4858B...so old B Hardware revision, they were correctly recognized by a fully updated ArubaOS-Switch)...even if Aruba 3810M current QuickSpecs lists only latest D (like the J4859D) Hardware revision.


[*] That's valid, as example, on Aruba 8320/8325 and 8400X Switch series.

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Re: Gigabit LX-LC Module Compatibility

Thank you parnassus !




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