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HA core and distribution switches

Hello, good afternoon,

I'm implementing a network that will have 39 Aruba 2530 switches for access, 2 Aruba 3810 switches for distribution and 2 Aruba 2910 in the core (they will only receive the 2 ISP connections and will pass them to the firewalls), I've been reading and I can't find anything to configure an Active-Passive topology for the core and distribution switches, so if one of them fail, the other can handle all the network traffic, does anyone have a guide or can explain to me how can I configure them?


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Re: HA core and distribution switches

Why not to get rid of 2910 and just deploy the Aruba 3810M using backplane stacking as your core?

Each downlink to access switch should be thus implemented using aggegated links (Port Trunk with LACP): Aruba 2530 side use at least 2 member interfaces; on Aruba 3810M side do the same, just remember that each aggregated link originated on access side should have its member interfaces0 link terminating on each stack member simmetrically...that is for resiliency.

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Re: HA core and distribution switches



Following on with the suggestion by parnassus, if you do not wish to deploy backplane stacking (which requires additional hardware), you can also use the distributed trunking feature, which allows you to distribute redundant uplinks and downlinks across two 3810s without dedicated stacking hardware. This feature maintains separate control planes on each switch while synchronizing the distributed trunk port states and forwarding traffic between DT members using only front plane ports.

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