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HP J9728A 2920-48G Switch 10 gig modules



We currently have four stacked HP J9728A 2920-48G Switches.            

We are looking at using HPE Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 530T Adapters in 2 of our servers.


Would it be beneficial and is it possible to use HPE 2920 2-port 10GBASE-T Modules in each of the switches with a single interface from the server going into each switch as opposed to 2 modules in just 2 of the switches? Is there any performance/redundancy benefit in doing this?



Re: HP J9728A 2920-48G Switch 10 gig modules

Fully understand your question. There will always be impact on high availability. This is realted to the impact on amount of links when stack member will get an problem or needs maintenance. When you have all the server port distributed across the stack there will be only one link impacted. The switches will be more than capable in handeling the traffic even when you connected all 10G ports to two switches. But traffic will be better balanced which always increase performance across the stack. Not sure how you have the uplinks designed from the stack but if you will go for 10G ports in two members I would place the 10G ports in the stack members that also provide uplink connectivity.  If you have any more questions let me know!

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