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HPE Switch Does Not Provide 45W To The CLASS 6 AP Device


The switch does not provide 45W to the AP  which in this case is a CLASS 6 device. The switch in question is a 2930M which does support CLASS 6 PoE devices.



Switch – Aruba-2930M-40G-8SR-PoE-Class6 (R0M67A)

AP – Aruba AP 303


Somehow the AP shows itself as a class 4 device in the pcap in the LLDP information. 

The AP announces itself being a class 4 device in the LLDP information that it sends to the switch.



Quite obviously, this leads to suspect that the issue is with the AP.

However, turns out that there are things that need to be taken care on the switch end as well.



1) Upgrade the software to 16.09

Once upgraded you will see a line in the config that pops up on its own:

interface 7
   power-over-ethernet critical
   poe-value 30
   untagged vlan 1
   lldp admin-status disable

The line highlighted in yellow will show up on its own once the software is upgraded.


Change it by running the following command:

lldp admin-status 7 tx_rx   [this command will change the LLDP status for port 7 alone]


lldp admin-status eth all tx_rx  [this command changes the LLDP status for all ports on the switch to enabled mode]


2) Make sure to change the PoE allocation by class

The config should look something like:

interface 7 

   power-over-ethernet critical
   poe-allocate-by class
   untagged vlan 1

The switch should understand by negotiating with the AP that it is a CLASS 6 device. You might then need to configure the AP  for PoE and other port options.


Finally the power on the port should look something like:

Aruba-2930M-40G-8SR-PoE-Class6(config)# show power brief eth 7

 Status and Configuration Information

  Available: 1440 W  Used: 76 W  Remaining: 1364 W

 PoE    Pwr  Pwr      Pre-std Alloc Alloc  PSE Pwr PD Pwr  PoE Port     PLC PLC
 Port   Enab Priority Detect  Cfg   Actual Rsrvd   Draw    Status       Cls Type
 ------ ---- -------- ------- ----- ------ ------- ------- ------------ --- ----
 7      Yes  critical off     class lldp   45.1 W  30.3 W  Delivering   5    3

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