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HoArubaOS-Switch – How is debugging for CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) protocol enabled?


How is debugging for CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocl) protocol enabled?


In the following example, debugging for CDP protocol is enabled and the CDP table information is displayed.


Core-Switch# debug destination session
Core-Switch# debug cdp
Core-Switch# show debug

 Debug Logging

  Source IP Selection: Outgoing Interface
  Origin identifier: Outgoing Interface IP

  Time-stamp: System-Uptime

  Enabled debug types:
   cdp log

0002:00:02:10.43 CDP mCdpCtrl:cdp pkt received on lport : 18, pport : 18
0002:00:02:10.51 CDP mCdpCtrl:received pkt version is 2 and TLV received mask is 3f on port 18.

Core-Switch# show cdp neighbors 18 detail

 CDP neighbors information for port 18

  Port : 18
  Device ID : localhost.americas.hpqcorp.net
  Address Type : IP
  Address      :
  Platform     : VMware ESX
  Capability   : Switch
  Device Port  : vmnic2
  Version      : Releasebuild-10719125

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