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How To Turn On BGP Neighbor Adjacency Changes On Aruba Switches

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How to have Aruba HPE switches to log BGP neighbor adjacency changes


Aruba switches by default would not log BGP neighbor adjacency changes , either neighbor going UP or neighbor going DOWN.

This can be verified by the following command:

  Aruba-Stack-3810M #show ip bgp general

  Log Neighbor Changes  : No

  *some output omitted.


So if an Aruba HPE switch loses BGP neighbor adjacency with any neighbor switch, the "show log -r" command woll not reveal this event.

This behavior can be altered so the switch can log BGP neighbor state changes.



To turn on logging for BGP adjacency changes , go to bgp context and run the following command

Aruba-Stack-3810M (config)#router bgp <as.no>

Aruba-Stack-3810M(bgp)# bgp log-neighbor-changes



To verify run the following command: 

Aruba-Stack-3810M #show ip bgp general

Log Neighbor Changes  : Yes

*some output omitted.


If we tear down a Router BGP adjacency, the logs now show this information:

show log Aruba-Stack-3810M #show log  -r

W 07/02/19 09:42:15 03073 bgp: Peer down

*some output omitted.

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