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How do we power down APs on a timely manner when they are sourcing power from a MAS?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment         This article applies to all Mobility Access Switches running a minimum AOS version and All

                                 the sample outputs in this article are from Aruba S2500 Mobility Access Switch running AOS



APs connected to an Aruba Mobility Access switch and sourcing power through POE can be powered down on a timely manner using the POE Time Range feature, the PoE on MAS supports time range for controlling the mode of the PoE power (enable/disable) to the PoE port.

The PoE time range can be configured in two modes:
Absolute mode(Default) : the time parameters correspond to a specific time range: start date, start time, end date, and the end time.
Periodic mode : the user can specify start day, start time,end day, and end time. The start day or end day can be daily, weekend, weekday, or any day of the week. The PoE port is enabled if the current day and time falls within the range.

The sample configuration below shows how to disable POE on the switch during weekends and non-working hours

Create a time range profile

(ArubaS2500-48P) #config t
(ArubaS2500-48P) (config) #time-range-profile workhours1
(ArubaS2500-48P) (PoE time-range "test") #mode periodic     
(ArubaS2500-48P) (PoE time-range "test") #periodic start-day monday start-time 09:00 end-day friday end-time 22:00

Create an POE profile and map the time range profile in it

(ArubaS2500-48P) (config) #interface-profile poe-profile workhours
(ArubaS2500-48P) (Power over Ethernet profile "test") #time-range-profile workhours1

Now map the POE profile to the interface or interface-group as needed

(ArubaS2500-48P) (config) #interface gigabitethernet 0/0/0
(ArubaS2500-48P) (gigabitethernet "0/0/0") #poe-profile workhours

The following are the invalid combinations for start and end values for the time range parameters in the periodic mode:

start-day: daily, end-day: any other day other than daily
start-day: weekend, end-day: any other day other than than weekend. (Here weekend refers to Saturday or Sunday)
start-day: weekday, end-day: any other day other than weekday
Both the start-time and the end- time should not have identical time values if the start-day and the end-day are same.

By default, the time range profile is disabled in the poe-profile.



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