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How is the Out-of-Band Management Port (OOBM) Configured and Used?

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MVP Expert

How is the Out-of-Band management port (OOBM) configured and used?


In the following example, the Out-of-Band management port is configured to acquire an IP address via DHCP. IP connectivity and a file copy from a TFTP server is tested. 

********** OOBM Configuration **********

Rack2sw1(config)# oobm ip address dhcp
Rack2sw1(config)# oobm enable

********** Display the OOBM enable status **********

Rack2sw1# show oobm

 Global OOBM Configuration
  OOBM Enabled           : Yes
  OOBM Port Type         : 10/100TX
  OOBM Interface Status  : Up
  OOBM Port              : Enabled
  OOBM Port Speed        : Auto
  MAC Address            : 941882-a36541

********** OOBM IPV4 Verification **********

Rack2sw1# show oobm ip

  IPv4 Status          : Enabled
  IPv4 Default Gateway :

        |                                     Address  Interface
 Member | IP Config IP Address/Prefix Length  Status   Status
 ------ + --------- ------------------------- -------- ---------
 Global | dhcp                   Up

********** Ping testing a TFTP server at the IP address **********

Rack2sw1# ping source oobm is alive, time = 3 ms

********** Copy Firmware File to Flash **********

Rack2sw1# copy tftp flash WB_16_08_0001.swi secondary oobm
The secondary image will be deleted.

Continue (y/n)? y

Rack2sw1# show flash
Image             Size (bytes) Date     Version
----------------- ------------ -------- --------------
Primary Image    :    16464572 07/21/17 WB.16.04.0008
Secondary Image  :    16976865 11/21/18 WB.16.08.0001

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