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How to check which profiles have been applied to an interface on an Aruba Mobility Switch?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Introduction : The Mobility Access Switch supports profile based configuration for interfaces, interface- groups, port-channels, and VLANs. You can use profiles to apply the same configuration to multiple interfaces and VLANs.


Environment : This article applies to all Mobility Access Switches running a minimum AOS version and Above.


Verification :

The command “show interface-config” can be used to check which exact profiles have been applied to an interface.  

(ArubaS2500-48P) #show interface-config gigabitethernet 0/0/1

gigabitethernet "0/0/1"
Parameter                                        Value                 Config De                                                                                        rivation
---------                                        -----                 ---------                                                                                        --------
Interface MSTP Profile                           default               N/A
Interface Rapid PVST Profile                     default               N/A
Interface GVRP Profile                           N/A                   N/A
Interface Tunneled Node Profile                  N/A                   N/A
Interface VOIP Profile                           N/A                   N/A
Interface LLDP Profile                           lldp-factory-initial  N/A
Interface PoE Profile                            poe-factory-initial   N/A
Interface Ethernet Link Profile                  default               N/A
Interface OAM Profile                            N/A                   N/A
Interface LACP Profile                           N/A                   N/A
Interface QoS Profile                            N/A                   N/A
Interface Policer Profile                        N/A                   N/A
Interface AAA Profile                            N/A                   N/A
Interface Shutdown                               Disabled              N/A
Interface MTU                                    1514                  N/A
Interface Ingress ACL                            N/A                   N/A
Interface Egress ACL                             N/A                   N/A
Interface QoS Trust Mode                         Disabled              N/A
Interface Description                            N/A                   N/A
Interface Switching Profile                      KM-TEST               N/A
Interface Security Profile                       KM-Sec                N/A
Ingress Port Mirroring Profile                   N/A                   N/A
Egress Port Mirroring Profile                    N/A                   N/A
Static IGMP Multicast Router port for the VLANs  0                     N/A
Static MLD Multicast Router port for the VLANs   0                     N/A
Interface Trusted Mode                           Enabled               N/A
HSL backup interface                             N/A                   N/A
HSL preemption mode                              Off                   N/A
HSL preemption delay                             100                   N/A

Note : Individual interface configuration will take precedence over group configuration.


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