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How to configure IP Prefix-list on MAS 7.2 and its use-case

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Configuration is applied on MAS 7.2 & above.

Prefix-list entry consists of:

  • Sequence number
  • Permit or deny
  • Prefix: represents a subnet or a host
  • Netmask
  • ge and/or le (optional)
  1. Prefix-list is configured to match an exact route or a  prefix range
  2. Prefix-list is used for filtering OSPF routes from being added to the IP routing table


  1. Only prefix-list can be used for distribute-list for filtering
  2. Distribute-list is supported for inbound direction only
  3. Only OSPF intra and inter area routes are filtered

Environment : Typical use case of running OSPF on network to filter the routes.


Network Topology : No Special network topology applied for this configuration for IP-Prefix-list on MAS 7.2


Prefix-list is configured in the IP-profile:
(ArubaS3500-48P) (config) #ip-profile
(ArubaS3500-48P) (ip-profile) #prefix-list PL1 seq 10 permit
(ArubaS3500-48P) (ip-profile) #prefix-list PL1 seq 20 permit ge 27
(ArubaS3500-48P) (ip-profile) #prefix-list PL1 seq 30 permit le 32 
(ArubaS3500-48P) (ip-profile) #prefix-list PL1 seq 40 permit ge 24 le 32
The configured prefix-list can be applied as distribute-list for OSPF route filtering (inbound):
(ArubaS3500-48P) (Global OSPF profile) #distribute-list PL1


Above steps explains to configure IP-Prefix list.


Prefix-list can be verified by following CLI command
ArubaS3500-48P) #show ip-profile
ip-profile "default"
Parameter            Value
---------            -----
Default Gateway
Import DHCP Gateway  Disabled
controller-ip        N/A
prefix-list          PL1 seq 10 permit
prefix-list          PL1 seq 10 permit ge 27
prefix-list          PL1 seq 20 permit le 32 
prefix-list          PL1 seq 30 permit ge 24 le 32
Distribute-list can be verified by following CLI command
(ArubaS3500-48P) #show router ospf
Global OSPF profile "default"
Parameter          Value
---------          -----
State              Enabled
Distribute-list    PL1


Some of the useful commands to troubleshoot and verify is below.

show router ospf
show ip route
show ip interface brief
show running-config
Check for OSPF profile config.



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