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How to configure OOBM IP address after VSF is formed?


How to Configure OOBM IP address after VSF is formed?


As soon as VSF is formed in Aruba HPE (54xx and 2930F) switches, the console as well as the SSH session will redirect to active commander switch. Hence managing the switch specifically becomes difficult. Adding to the same, if OOBM is not configured on the switch; MAD cannot be used to detect VSF link failure.

Hence there arises a need to configure OOBM IP address without actually breaking the VSF.


For the same we can configure the OOBM IP for each member as follows:

HP-VSF-Switch(config)# oobm vsf member <member ID> ip address
 dhcp-bootp            Configure the interface to use DHCP/Bootp server to
                       acquire parameters.
 IP-ADDR/MASK-LENGTH   Interface IP address/mask.


HP-VSF-Switch(config)# oobm vsf member 1 ip address dhcp-bootp

HP-VSF-Switch(config)# show oobm ip vsf member 1

  IPv4 Status          : Enabled
  IPv4 Default Gateway :

            |                                     Address  Interface
 VSF-member | IP Config IP Address/Prefix Length  Status   Status
 ---------- + --------- ------------------------- -------- ---------
 1          | dhcp      10.180.x.x/24         Active   Up

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