Wired Intelligent Edge (Campus Switching and Routing)

How to configure Static ARP entry on MAS 7.4 code.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : No special environment for this feature to work.


  1. Static ARP entry will never age.
  2. Corresponding RVI should be Up and configured with IP address for static ARP to show in output of show arp

(ArubaS1500-24P) #configure t
Enter Configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z 
(ArubaS1500-24P) (config) # arp 6c:f3:7f:c4:44:c7
(ArubaS1500-24P) (config) # arp 6c:f3:7f:c3:67:2a

  • Check arp table

(ArubaS1500-24P) #show arp
Codes: * - Local Addresses, S - Static, A - Auth
Total ARP entries: 10
IPV4 ARP Table
 Protocol    IP Address     Hardware Address   Interface  Age (min)
----------   ----------     ----------------   ---------  ---------
 * Internet      00:0b:86:8f:b7:f7  vlan2000   NA
 * Internet  00:0b:86:8f:b7:f7  vlan2100   NA
 * Internet      00:0b:86:8f:b7:f7  vlan3000   NA
 * Internet      00:0b:86:8f:b7:f7  vlan3100   NA
 * Internet   00:0b:86:8f:b7:f7  vlan38     NA
 * Internet   00:0b:86:8f:b7:f7  vlan39     NA
 * Internet    00:0b:86:8f:b7:f7  vlan4093   NA
   Internet    00:0b:86:8f:d9:f7  vlan4093   3138
 S Internet  6c:f3:7f:c4:44:c7  vlan38     NA
 S Internet  6c:f3:7f:c3:67:2a  vlan38     NA
(ArubaS1500-24P) #

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