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How to do Tunneled Node Configuration on Aruba Switches

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How to do Tunneled Node Configuration on Aruba OS switches.


Supported Model of switches ?


•5400R switch series with v2 and v3 modules

•3810 switch series

•3800 switch series

•2930F switch series

•2920 switch series


What is Tunneled Node?

•Extends the AP-controller tunneling scheme to the access switches.

•A single GRE tunnel transports all traffic to/from “tunneled” interfaces




•Traffic from other interfaces is forwarded normally by the switch

•Management and control traffic is NOT tunneled.


Generic Layout








Tunneled Node Status – Aruba Mobility Controller 



        Tunnel is automatically created when Tunneled-Node is enabled on switch interface.




Tunneled Node Configuration – Switch Configuration Steps


Step 1: Setup Tunneled-Node-Server IP address (Aruba Mobility Controller)

  Aruba-Stack-3810M(config)# tunneled-node-server controller-ip


 Optional: Setup Backup Controller IP

 Aruba-Stack-3810M(config)# tunneled-node-server backup-controller-ip

 Optional: Set Tunneled-Node Keepalive timer – Set time interval between keepalive messages (Default = 8)

Aruba-Stack-3810M(config)# tunneled-node-server keepalive interval

 <1-8>                                         Configure the time interval between two successive

                                                 keepalive messages sent to the controller.


Step 2: Enable Tunneled-Node on interface


Aruba-Stack-3810M (config)# interface 1/23

Aruba-Stack-3810M (eth-1/23)# tunneled-node-server


Tunneled Node Configuration – Mobility Controller






Step 3: Check to see if Tunneled-Node is complete


  Aruba-Stack-3810M(config)# show tunneled-node-server state


   Tunneled Node Port State


   Active Controller IP Address  :


   Port   State

   ------ -------------------------

   2/23   Complete


Tunneled Node Configuration – Statistic View


Aruba-Stack-3810M(config)# show tunneled-node-server statistics


 Tunneled Node Statistics


  Port : 2/23


   Control Plane Statistics


    Bootstrap packets sent      : 1

    Bootstrap packets received  : 1

    Bootstrap packets invalid   : 0


   Tunnel Statistics


    Rx Packets                                    : 302

    Tx Packets                                    : 0

    Rx 5 Minute Weighted Average Rate (Pkts/sec)  : 0

    Tx 5 Minute Weighted Average Rate (Pkts/sec)  : 0



 Aggregate Statistics


  Heartbeat packets sent           : 56607

  Heartbeat packets received       : 56607

  Heartbeat packets invalid        : 0

  Fragmented Packets Dropped (Rx)  : 0

  Packets to Non-Existent Tunnel   : 0

  MTU Violation Drop               : 0

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