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How to enable Auto Device Detection and Configuration on MAS 7.4 Code.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : There is no specific environment to make use of this featue


  • Auto Device detection and Configuration dynamically configure ports based on the type of device detected on the port.
  • When the MAS detects a new device on a port, it will apply appropriate configuration based on the predefined configuration for that device type.
  • Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) is used to detect devices.
  • Currently supported only for Aruba AP/IAP that can send Aruba’s Proprietary LLDP TLV

Supported Profiles

  • MSTP Profile
  • GVRP Profile
  • PVST Profile
  • LLDP Profile
  • POE Profile
  • Ethernet Link Profile
  • QOS Profile
  • Policer Profile
  • MTU
  • Ingress/Egress ACL
  • QOS Trust Mode
  • Switching Profile
  • Port Security Profile
  • Interface Trusted Mode
  • Interface to Shutdown

(ArubaS1500-24P) (config) #device-group ?
ap                      Configure the device-group access-point
(ArubaS1500-24P) (config) #device-group ap
(ArubaS1500-24P) (device-group access-point) #?
aaa-profile             Apply AAA profile to interface
auto-lacp               Enable Auto LACP
enable                  Enable device config
enet-link-profile       Apply ethernet link profile to interface
gvrp-profile            Apply GVRP profile to interface
ip                      Apply IP access control list
lldp-profile            Apply lldp profile to interface
mstp-profile            Apply MSTP profile to interface
mtu                     Set MTU on interface between 64 and 9216
no                      Delete Command
poe-profile             Apply PoE profile to interface
policer-profile         Apply policer profile to interface
port-security-profile   Apply security profile to interface
pvst-port-profile       Apply PVST profile to interface
qos                     Interface QoS
qos-profile             Apply QoS profile to interface
shutdown                Enable or disable interfaces
switching-profile       Apply switchport profile to interface
trusted                 Set trusted mode for the interface
(ArubaS1500-24P) (device-group access-point) #

  • show device-group-config <device-type>

(ArubaS1500-24P) #show device-group-config ap
device-group access-point (N/A)
Parameter                        Value
---------                        -----
Enable Device Config             false
Enable Auto LACP                 true
Interface MSTP Profile           mstpEdge
Interface GVRP Profile           N/A
Interface PVST Profile           PVSTEDGE
Interface LLDP Profile           device-group-default
Interface PoE Profile            device-group-default
Interface Ethernet Link Profile  default
Interface QoS Profile            N/A
Interface Policer Profile        N/A
Interface AAA Profile            mac-ics-dot1x
Interfaces To Shutdown           N/A
Interface MTU                    1514
Interface Ingress ACL            N/A
Interface Egress ACL             N/A
Interface Session ACL            N/A
Interface QoS Trust Mode         auto
Interface Switching Profile      access_vlan_30
Interface Security Profile       N/A
Interface Trusted Mode           Untrusted
show device-group interfaces
(SW-3) #show device-group interfaces
Device-Group Config Attached Interfaces
Device Type  Interface List
-----------  --------------
access-point  1/0/38,2/0/14

  • show lldp neighbors

(ArubaS1500-24P) #show lldp neighbor
Capability codes: (R)Router, (B)Bridge, (A)Access Point, (P)Phone, (S)Station
                  (r)Repeater, (O)Other
LLDP Neighbor Information
Local Intf  Chassis ID         Capability  Remote Intf            Expiry (Secs)  System Name
----------  ----------         ----------  -----------            -------------  -----------
GE0/0/0     00:0b:86:6c:20:c0  B:R         gigabitethernet0/0/14  116            Mgmt-Rack33
GE0/0/10     BSmiley Tongue         002290041325Smiley Tongue1        172            SEP002290041325
GE0/0/39    24:de:c6:ca:9e:b4  B:A         24:de:c6:ca:9e:b4      111            ap115
GE0/0/41    d8:c7:c8:cf:b5:48  B:A         d8:c7:c8:cf:b5:48      110            ap93
GE0/0/43    00:24:6c:cc:61:26  B:A         00:24:6c:cc:61:26      103            ap93-4
GE1/0/0     00:0b:86:6a:c1:80  B:R         gigabitethernet0/0/10  98             BC_46
GE1/0/10     BSmiley Tongue         000F8F28DA65Smiley Tongue1        158            SEP000F8F28DA65
GE1/0/36    d8:c7:c8:cf:bd:ae  B:A         d8:c7:c8:cf:bd:ae      103            ap93-2
GE1/0/38    d8:c7:c8:c7:12:22  B:A         d8:c7:c8:c7:12:22      103            ap104
GE1/0/40    00:24:6c:cc:61:61  B:A         00:24:6c:cc:61:61      103            ap93-3
GE2/0/0     6c:f3:7f:c3:67:2a  B:A         6c:f3:7f:c3:67:2a      112            6c:f3:7f:c3:67:2a
Number of neighbors: 11
(ArubaS1500-24P) #

  • Log generated when device-config is applied/removed.
  • Informational level in system logs.

(ArubaS1500-24P) (config) #logging level informational system
(ArubaS1500-24P) (config) # show log system 10 | include Device
Jun 30 12:54:35 :312201: <INFO> |l2m| Aruba Device config applied for device access-point on gigabitethernet1/0/40
Jun 30 12:55:06 :312202: <INFO> |l2m| Aruba Device config removed for device access-point on gigabitethernet0/0/41

  • Shutdown command from device-config is only effective till lldp neighbor is present.
  • After interface is shut down from device-group, lldp neighborship gets lost and causing original interface config to gets applied, thus interface comes back up. Now lldp neigborship gets formed again and interface gets shut down again. This cycle will go on and on.
    • Fix: shut down interface at the interface level and then from device-group. This will effectively keep the interface down always.
  • Same cycle seen if poe is disabled in device-group but enabled on physical interface.


  1. Disabled by default.
  2. LLDP used to detect devices
  3. Currently only Aruba AP/IAP supported.
  4. Only one template. It will be applied to all devices detected.
  5. Once interface-config is overwritten by device-config, interface config cannot be changed.
  6. Interface shutdown only from device-config
  7. Once device is removed, interface config gets reset to previous config only after lldp neighborship times out.
  1. Currently mirroring profile cannot be applied
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So how to power cycle an AP that is misbehaving? Normally we turn off PoE and then turn it back on. No luck trying this with device group enabled!

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