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How to enable sflow on HP 5300XL switch

On some platform including including the 5300XL, there are no CLI commands to control sFlow and they support only one sFlow collector.

On these platforms, the idea is that a NMS (Network Monitoring Software) that is capable of sFlow, will discover the switch in the network and register itself on the switch as a collector via SNMP.

The switch will subsequently send the sFlow samples and counters to that collector.

However, not all collectors are capable of this self-registration.

In this case, we have to configure the switch via SNMP manually to set the sFlow collector’s data. This is done by SNMP, using the sFlow-MIB.

In the solution you will find the commands for the same.



Configured sFlow with the below commands


  1. a) Configure the sFlow Collector IP address

setmib sFlowRcvrAddress.1 -o 1414140a


  1. b) Configure the name of sFlow Collector and the time-out value

setmib sFlowRcvrOwner.1 -D sFlowtool sFlowRcvrTimeout.1 -i 100000000


  1. c) In the below the last second digit from the right is the port number (A15)


setmib sFlowFsReceiver. -i 1

setmib sFlowFsPacketSamplingRate. -i 512

setmib sFlowFsMaximumHeaderSize. -i 128


  1. d) Set the port number

setmib sFlowRcvrPort.1 -i 5111


  1. e) Enable the Sflow on the interface

setmib -i 1


Configuring Syslog server

  1. a) logging <ip address>
  2. b) logging facility local7


  1. c) Set the events that has to be sent to the syslog server

debug destination logging


  1. d) Now enable debug for all the deamons (by default only log that are classified as events are sent)

debug all


Verification: The above has been tested by viewing packets on the server with tcpdump.

Re: How to enable sflow on HP 5300XL switch

That has been a while 8-). I couldn't test for you at the moment since I need to find the switch somewhere in my house. The 5300 uses the standard sFlow mib.  In the past I also used the sFlow enable script from inMon a lot. See following url:




The attached document explains in detail all the needed command when you want to manually configure the mib via setmib. 


You can also try sFlowTrend from inMon which automatically configures the min on 5300 to see if there is nothing wrong with sFlow in your software. 




Let me know if this will work for you otherwise I'll get the dust of my switch 8-)


Regards, Dobias

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