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How to remove switch port from stacking on Aruba Mobility Access Switch?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies to Aruba Mobility Access Switches.


When the Mobility Access Switches is restored to factory default, uplink ports 2 and 3 (24/48 port models) and port 1 (12 port model) are pre-provisioned to be ArubaStack link ports. Once a port is provisioned for stacking, it is no longer available to be managed as a network port.and thereby it is not visible with the command "Show Interface brief".

For example, in the below image GE0/0/2 and GE0/0/3 are not listed as they are configured as Stack ports:




The missing ports would be seen as stacking interfaces as seen below:


rtaImage (1).jpg


Therefore, inorder to delete a stacking port, execute the following command locally on the switch:

(Switch)#delete stacking interface stack <module/port>


rtaImage (2).jpg


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