IAP Auto-POE Priority Using MAS

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Auto-POE Priority

When an IAP is plugged into a PoE enabled port on the MAS, the MAS automatically increases the PoE priority from low (default) to high. This only occurs if the poe-profile associated with the given port is using the poe-factory-initial profile and the default poe-priorty has not been manually changed.


interface-profile poe-profile "poe-factory-initial"
interface-profile lldp-profile "lldp-factory-initial"
   lldp transmit
   lldp receive
   med enable
interface gigabitethernet "0/0/2"
   lldp-profile "lldp-factory-initial"
   poe-profile "poe-factory-initial"



show interface-profile poe-profile poe-factory-initial

(host) #show interface-profile poe-profile poe-factory-initial

Power over Ethernet profile "poe-factory-initial"
Parameter                         Value
---------                         -----
Enable PoE interface              Enabled
Max Power on PoE port milliwatts  30000
PoE port priority                 low
time-range-profile                N/A


show poe interface brief

(host) #show poe interface brief 

PoE Interface Brief
Interface  Admin   Consumption(mW)  Port Priority  Port Status
---------  -----   ---------------  -------------  -----------
GE0/0/0    Enable  0                Low            Off
GE0/0/1    Enable  0                Low            Off
GE0/0/2    Enable  5700             High           On
GE0/0/3    Enable  0                Low            Off
GE0/0/4    Enable  0                Low            Off
GE0/0/5    Enable  0                Low            Off
GE0/0/6    Enable  2400             Low            On
GE0/0/7    Enable  0                Low            Off

From the output above, you can see that port 0/0/2 currently has a PoE priority of High. While this output alone does not necessarily indicate that there is an IAP plugged in there, you can verify it using the show lldp neighbors output as shown above.

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