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Install ssh public key via SCP

I would like to transfer the ssh-pubkey of my management station to the switches via scp. Sending a file using scp to the switch works, however, I was unable to find the destination filename for the keyfile. Does anyone know the destination filename for the keyfile on the switch?


I do not want to use tftp for that. tftp is disabled on all our devices.


The target device is using ArubaOS Switch (like 2930f, 2530, 2810).

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Re: Install ssh public key via SCP



I just found out from the "Configuration Guide for ArubaOS-Switch 16.05" that it is possible to enter a public key as a string (content from .ssh/id_rsa.pub) via console, thus solving my problem. Config snippet if anyone findds it useful.


ip ssh public-key manager 'KEY_STRING' username manager
aaa authentication ssh enable public-key
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