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Interswitch link with S1500 to an S2500 stack

I'm really losing my mind with this. I've done it before - take an S1500 to be used in a classroom as a standalone switch and uplink it to a stack in the IDF - now, for whatever reason, I'm unable to get a link when I apply any type of switching profile that has the port configured as a trunk. I was advised at one time to make it a point-to-point link, so I made a pvst port profile for that and it seemed to work in that are of the building. Now I'm trying to do the same thing in the MDF and the only way the ports link up from the S1500 to the S2500 stack is if the 1500 port is an access port. That's not what I need. We want to connect some servers to this switch, so I need the uplink to be able to carry multiple VLANs. I've made sure that the vlans we want to allow are in the allowed list in the trunk port switching profile, but I can't even get a physical link light on the inter-switch link. Probably overslooking something real basic, but I haven't been able to spot it yet. Any suggestions welcome!!

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