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Is cross platform Stacking supported in MAS (S3500/S2500/S1500)?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question: Is cross platform Stacking supported in MAS (S3500/S2500/S1500)?


What is a Stack ?


  An ArubaStack is a set of interconnected Mobility Access Switches using stacking ports to form an ArubaStack. A stacking port is a physical port configured to run the stacking protocol. In factory default settings for Mobility Access
Switches, uplink ports 2 and 3 (24/48 port models) and port 1 (12 port model) are pre-provisioned to be ArubaStack link ports. Once a port is provisioned for stacking, it is no longer available to be managed as a network port. A
stacking port can only be connected to other Mobility Access Switches running the Aruba Stacking Protocol (ASP).

What is cross platform stack ?

  Stack formation of different modal mobility access switches to be a single logical switch.

S2500s and S3500s can form an ArubaStack with other S2500s and S3500s.
S1500s can form an ArubaStack with other S1500s, Cross stack with 2500s/ 3500s are not possible.

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