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Issue connecting to the router on different VLAN

I am trying to setup VLANs on our network.  I am having trouble with any client that is not on the same subnet as the router.   I have VLAN 99 and 100.  The router IP is located on the subnet for VLAN 99.  Any client on that subnet can ping the router.  However, any computer on VLAN 100 can not pint the router.  They can ping other clients on VLAN 99 just not the router.  I have tried two different routers one is a Netgear and one is an Adtran.  The Aruba switch I have is a 2930F.  Below is my config and I have attached a Visio diagram of the setup.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


; JL256A Configuration Editor; Created on release #WC.16.05.0004
; Ver #12:08.1d.9b.3f.bf.bb.ef.7c.59.fc.6b.fb.9f.fc.ff.ff.37.ef:ba
hostname "switch 1"
ip route
ip routing
vlan 1
no untagged 1-4,13-16
untagged 5-12,17-52
no ip address
disable layer3
vlan 99
name "Server"
untagged 1-4
tagged 52
ip address
vlan 100
name "client"
untagged 13-16
tagged 52
ip address


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Re: Issue connecting to the router on different VLAN



The routing configuration on Switch 1 appears correct (routing enabled, static gateway pointing to Router 1).  Does Router 1 have a route back to pointing at as the next hop?


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Re: Issue connecting to the router on different VLAN

No I don't. I have the same basic setup at several branch locations using a Cisco SG300 and I have never had to make a change on the router. I will give it a shoot and see if that does the trick.

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Re: Issue connecting to the router on different VLAN

Adding the static route worked to  I would like to understand what the Cisco SG300 does that allows VLAN on a different subnet than the router to access the internet without the static route statement.  

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