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Issues with VSF and HPE DAC cable ?

Hi all,  I am creating a VSF stack with two 2930F (JL256A)  with code 16.05.0003. I am using an HPE DAC cable and the "allow-unsupported-transceiver” command.


The DAC cable works fine when the ports are not VSF member links, but when I add the ports to the VSF link they did not work.


I replaced the DAC cable with two 10G SFP+ HPE transceivers and fiber cable and the VSF stack worked fine.


Does anyone know if there is a fix to this issue ?


I know that the same issue was happening with code 16.03.xxx.


Thanks and Regards,


Luís Fernando Rodrigues Silveira

MPE Solucoes - SP Brasil


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Re: Issues with VSF and HPE DAC cable ?

AFAIK it's not an issue: VSF Ports can't be created using unsupported SFP/SFP+ Transceivers or DAC Cables, at least actually (and, personally, I agree 100% with this approach/restrictions: VSF implementation is too important - and requires granted stability, Hw and Sw - to use unsupported options...too risky, much more than using the same unsupported - but allowed - options to build an uplink or a port trunking).

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Re: Issues with VSF and HPE DAC cable ?

Can a 5406R be VSF'ed with a HP X242 DAC Cable? Is it a DAC cable which is not supported in general, or a non HP one?


Same for 2930F?

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Re: Issues with VSF and HPE DAC cable ?

Thanks for the question, and it does seem like a bug that VSF links would work with supported Xcvrs, but not with a 10G DAC cable. 

As noted earlier, only supported Xcvrs, not Unsupported ones. 

I'll alert the team to log this as a bug -- no promises on when it will get fixed, but duly noted. 

To answer the question of if the HP X242 DAC cable is supported, yes it is - and works well for local connections. 

NOTE: for the 2930F, a 10G DAC will only work on the models that have SFP+ 10G uplinks, not on the ones that have SFP 1G uplinks (I've heard that the 2930F 1G uplinks do seem to operate with the 10G DAC X242 cables, but that was unintentional for now). 

NOTE2: 2930F in addition to not being able to support 10G LRM Transceivers (J9152D or older J9152A parts), the 2930F for similar reasons cannot support a 7 meter 10G DAC (J9285D/J9285B). It requires a PHY behind the 10G SFP+ port to support 10G LRM & 7m DACs.  You'd have to move up to the 2930M series and use the 4p SFP+ module which has the pre-requisite PHY. 


Update to this reply: Our test team seems to have things working fine on the 2930F (with 10G uplinks, JL256A) when using Software version WS.16.05.0004 (you said you were using .0003), using a J9281D 1m or J9283D 3m DAC.  If you have a Revision B version of the 1m or 3m DAC, see the "ArubaOS-Switch and ArubaOS-CX Transceiver Guide" for further information. 

Please let us know that updating the software solved your issue . 

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Re: Issues with VSF and HPE DAC cable ?



Come again, the 2930F 4SFP+ doesn't support J9151A transceivers?

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Re: Issues with VSF and HPE DAC cable ?

2930F does not support J9152D 10G LRM (10G over 62.5u fiber). 

J9151D = 10G LR, full support for LR and SR on the 2930F. 

The 2930F lacks a PHY behind the SFP+ uplink ports, so it supports 1G, 10G SR, LR and 1m & 3m DACs (not 10G LRM, nor 7m DAC). 


Revision D xcvrs (1G and 10G xcvrs) were introduced in Dec 2017.  They'll replace the earlier Revision A (10G xcvrs), Revision B (10G DACs) and Revision C (1G xcvrs).   See the "ArubaOS-Switch and ArubaOS-CX Transceiver Guide" for more details about Revision D xcvrs and support matrices for Xcvrs against Aruba Campus Edge and Core/Aggregation Switches 

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