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LACP Configuration on 2930M



We have done LACP between Comware 5940 and ARuba 2930M switch.

Currently we have done 12 physical ports on logical link on comware But on aruba side we have done only 8 ports. While adding more than 8 ports to logical link. it is showing that an error "'Only 8 ports on logical link"


But as per the datasheet we can achive upto 12 ports on a logical link in that 8 will be in active and rest 4 port will be in standby mode.


Comware - Procurve config details attached.


Can anyone share the commands to achive this active standby on a single LACP. 

Re: LACP Configuration on 2930M



From all the datasheets and manuals I see that 2930M supports maximum 8 physical links in one LACP. This is probably the reason why you get the message when adding more than eight. 


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I believe the max is 8 also.


Why do you want more then 8 in a LACP anyway?



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Re: LACP Configuration on 2930M


As I informed, we have done with 8 ports but end customer is looking for 12 ports in a single logical link for redundancy.

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Re: LACP Configuration on 2930M

Please look in to this..

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Re: LACP Configuration on 2930M

Hi Sandeep,


Different number of links can be aggregated in the aruba switches depending on the type of link aggregation you want the switch ports to be a part of.


You can add only 8 links in static LACP trunking and 12 in dynamic LACP trunking. Links over the maximum are standby links, which cannot be used to forward traffic. However, if a link fails, LACP automatically adds one of the standby links to the link aggregation. 


Aruba typically recommends static lacp because in dynamic lacp there is no logical interface in the switch configuration and hence you cannot assign vlans to it statically or STP or other settings. GVRP can be used in such cases to assign vlans to the dynamic lacp trunk.


For static LACP:

Enter the config mode and run the following command:

trunk <port_number1,port_number2,...> trk1 lacp


2)For dynamic lacp:

Enter into the interface context and enter the following command:

lacp <active | passive>


Another type of trunking (manual trunking) can also be configured but it does not use any protocol and is not better than static lacp.