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Laggy SSH on Aruba switches



I have had several TAC cases with Aruba about laggy SSH sessions to AOS swithes. There are never any solutions, and it seems like they are not able to understand why it happens. I use SSH for management of Cisco, aruba, linux and procurve and this only happens to units with ArubaOS. 


Anyone else seen this ?

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Re: Laggy SSH on Aruba switches

What laggy behavior do you see exactly? Is it a constant latency between typing a letter and seeing it back on screen? Is it that the session hangs for seconds every now and then (like there is no IP connectivity for short time)? Is it that commands, when entered, take time to process output? Is it on specific commands or large outputs?


This kind of issues typically has to do with something in the network like packet loss, MTU path problems or flapping interfaces (though it has been a while that I last saw network interfaces flapping).


If Aruba Support doesn't provide you a satisfactory solution, feel free to escalate your issue or involve your local Aruba representatives.



If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: Laggy SSH on Aruba switches

To me it would seem like a drop in connectivity. But as far as I can see everything works ok, except the SSH to Aruba switches. It both hangs and has slow text input. 


Since this only occur on ArubaOS units and for example not on a older provision unit or Cisco unit in the same rack, Im kind of stuck. 




Re: Laggy SSH on Aruba switches

perhaps make a wireshark capture of both a constant ping to the switch and your ssh session setting up, typing a bit until the problem is known to be observed, then exit and stop the ping.


I think there are tools online you can anonymise/change the IPs inside the pcap if thats an issue.  The capture might shed some light on where the lag is coming from (or at least conclusively prove it's the switch switch, which gives you a bigger stick with support).


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