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Linking 5412R chassis's by SFP & Aruba Clearpass tips



We're setting up a new office which will have a number if HPE/Aruba and Clearpass technologies deployed. For starters I wondered if anyone had experience of the best practise for linking 3 x 5412R zl2 HPE chassis's together with SFP? 


Also, any hurdles you may have encountered deploying and routing Clearpass traffic?



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Re: Linking 5412R chassis's by SFP & Aruba Clearpass tips



With regards to wiring the three switches together - what does the intended topology look like (i.e., are they all edge switches, distribution/access layer, etc)?  Also, are you planning to use 1GbE or 10GbE links between each chassis?



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Re: Linking 5412R chassis's by SFP

Thanks for the reply, these switches are purely all access layer.

Since posting this question I have been reading and also consulted our HP
Aruba vendor for a bit of advise.
I was getting mixed up with the term 'stacked'. My assumption was that all
three would act as one single unit as I have done in the past with a
variety of switching kit.

But I guess that specific setup isn't so important really and I've now read
about meshing and have used the 8 port 10Gb modules that are available to
connect each switch chassis. The mesh topology is working and we are now
moving forward with setting up VLAN's and configuring ports.

Thanks very much

Grant Cassin :: +44 (0) 7508 053 824
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Re: Linking 5412R chassis's by SFP

Yep, actually you can "stack" up to two - not more - Aruba 5400R zl2 Switches together using VSF (Virtual Switching Framework, read the VSF Configuration Guide on the Airheads Community or look for VSF/5400R zl2 related threads also on HPE Community Forum here).


So adopting/deploying VSF on three 5412R zl2 is not an option...it's simply not possible, at least actually.


Probably you have interconnected together your three Aruba 5412R zl2 Switches adopting LAG (Link Aggregationg Group) - AKA Port Trunking (possibly using LACP) - on each Switch (Really a Fully Meshed topology? or just a Daisy-Chained one?) in order to have a resulting scenario like this one:


Switch A LAG1 <-- n Ports Aggregated on A and on B --> LAG1 Switch B LAG2 <-- m Ports Aggregated on B and on C --> LAG1 Switch C.


Switch Meshing means you deployed a Ring Topology between your three ones (Switch A <--> Switch B <--> Switch C <--> Switch A) forming a loop.


Is that you deployed?

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