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Loop-protect best practice

I have switches where on the uplinks to other switches, loop-protect is enabled, and the other switches work fine (bpdu-filter/protect/admin-edge-port disabled).


On other switches i have loop-protect specifically disabled for uplinks.


What's the recommended best practice?


Also a followup question regarding HP access points connected to HP/Aruba switches:


I know i need to disable port-security on AP ports or i get into trouble with more devices connected to it (than 3 for example). Do i also need to disable bpdu-filter/protect/admin-edge port/loop-protect on these ports?

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Re: Loop-protect best practice

Anyone? :)

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Re: Loop-protect best practice

Hello Pepe,


I can only speak for ourselves but we run the following configuration for all our switches, enabling it on all ports (so both uplink and edge ports) for as long as I can remember:


loop-protect <ALL_PORT_LIST> receiver-action send-disable
loop-protect trap loop-detected
loop-protect transmit-interval 1 disable-timer 300


Kind regards,

Niels Mejan

University of Twente

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