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Loops in the switch

Will i be able to disable the ports if there are loops in the switches ?

(example: port 1 is connected to port 2 which is not neccessary as per the config )

My topology has JL262A switches

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Re: Loops in the switch

What type of switch are you using?

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Re: Loops in the switch

Next to spanning tree on the edge interfaces you can use loop-protect, you can configure loop protect to disable ports for a period of time. i woud always advise to use spanning tree combined with loop-protect for edge loop detection.


config example:

loop-protect 1-48
loop-protect disable-timer 60 (or any other value in seconds you wish)

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Re: Loops in the switch



Loop protect is a good starting point but I would also look at BPDU protection. Loop Protect is only working on untagged ports, which are in the same VLAN and on the same switch. 

I have written a post about loop protection and BPDU protection here:



Just have a look and decides which one fits better in your environment. 




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Re: Loops in the switch

my network is having JL262A procurve 48 port switches

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Re: Loops in the switch

would loop protect disable the ports permanently

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Re: Loops in the switch

if you use the loop-protect disable-timer XX where XX is the number of seconds the ports would be disabled for.  with out this command i believe the ports would be disabled until the switch reboots next.

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