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MAC-Pinning on Comware switches?


We have implemented MAC authentication on both Aruba OS and Comware switches in our environment. On the Aruba switches we use MAC-Pinning, but we want to have the same on the Comware devices.

What command(s) can we use on those CMW devices to get this done?

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Re: MAC-Pinning on Comware switches?

I'm not aware of similar features of MAC-Pinning on other switches than the ArubaOS switches. The feature is specifically targeted for quiet or legacy hosts that might be in sleep mode, and time-out authentication at some point.


Before the MAC-Pinning feature, putting those devices in a monitoring platform to ping and keep them alive, and long authentication session timers were the method to work with these devices. Based on profiling, you could for devices that suffer this behaviour return a much longer Session-Timeout.

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