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MAC pinning on AOS-CX?

How is MAC Pinning enabled / configured on AOS-CX (specifically on 6300's).  We are on a mix of 10.04 & 10.05...


I would go review the docs on ASP, but it is currently down for maintenance

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Re: MAC pinning on AOS-CX?

Its under the port access role configuration. Using the keyword "none" provides the pinning as shown below


access(config)# port-access role mytestrole
access(config-pa-role)# client-inactivity timeout
<300-4294967295> Set client inactivity timeout value in seconds.
none Configure to not to remove the client due to inactivity

access(config-pa-role)# client-inactivity timeout none



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Re: MAC pinning on AOS-CX?

I had found the proper command earlier.


We are using all Downloadable User-roles from ClearPass, so stuck it in the printer role there and we are good to go.


Thank you!

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