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MAS: Auto configure AP port



We had an aruba representative visit us a few months ago and he told us about a feature in the MAS where he said the switch recognised an aruba AP and could configure the port to become trunk with your used VLANs in Aruba Instant for example.


I'm trying to set this up in my lab and it seems the only thing we can do is to configure VLANs with GVRP + MAS integration and PoE prioritization.


What I would want to do is to have all ports on the switch accessports for user VLAN, but if we plug in an Aruba accesspoint it will configure the port to become a trunk with our AP subnet as native VLAN. Is this possible?


Re: MAS: Auto configure AP port


There are three automatic AP integration features today that have no configuration pre-requisites, auto-poe prioritization, auto-qos trust and rogue AP enforcement. The other AP integration feature, sharing of VLAN information, does have the pre-requisite of configuring the port as a trunk manually. 


If you would like to see the latter feature enhanced to provide the functinality you've detailed (which is a good idea), I would recommend you submit it to the idea portal




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Re: MAS: Auto configure AP port



Thank you for your reply, here's the link to my idea that I posted:



If you feel this would be a good feature, you can easily promote it by following the link.


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